Multi-family & Mixed Use


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Arbor Village, Mountlake Terrace, WA

Our project in Mountlake Terrace, Arbor Village, created 123 housing units. One key feature of the structure is the open courtyard. THIS PROJECT IS COMPLETE!

12th & Jefferson Low Income Housing, Seattle, WA

12th & Jefferson created 40 low-income housing units for the Seattle Housing Authority in Seattle’s Central District. An interesting fact: to eliminate worry over copper theft, this project was plumbed in Aquatherm polypropylene pipe.

Greenhouse Apartments, Seattle, WA

Greenhouse Apartments was an ambitious 123 unit housing complex in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood. We followed stringent guidelines to create a space that was awarded LEED certification, proving an enviable level of sustainability and environmental concern. Completed as of September 21, 2012.

Pine Forest Apartments, Redmond, WA

Pine Forest is a unique project with a basin style foundation to prevent flood damage as this is being built in area vulnerable to such events. 147 units are roofed with an environmentally progressive grass roofing structure. Currently in trim stage.

Mercer II Apartments, Mercer Island, WA

Mercer II, on Mercer Island, is a modern architectural design of 85 luxury apartments. Interestingly, it is all cast-in-place concrete PT decking. This is also currently in the trim stage.

9th & Pine Apartments, Seattle, WA

It is located across the street from Paramount Theater in Seattle. 74 unit apartments with parking garage. We are just starting this project late October 2013.

Mount Baker Lofts / Art Space Apartments, Seattle, WA

These loft style apartments, also referred to as Art Space, because they provide affordable housing to artists and aspiring artists. There are 50 units and is located in South Seattle. The bottom floor is store front spaces right along the street. Currently in the rough in stage.

Velo Apartments, Seattle, WA

Located in Seattle, this is a 171 unit mixed use apartment building. This is another Exxel Pacific partnership. This project, started full swing October 2013.

Angeline Apartments, Seattle, WA

This project has 197 units and is a mixed use building with grocery store and restaurant on ground level. This 6-story building is also located in Seattle. Scheduled to start November 2013.